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Organic Treats and Their Benefits

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for all things organic. The reason why is because organic products are simply more natural and therefore healthier. This popularity for organic things spread from beauty products to food and more. This also applied to dog treats as well! As you all know, Binky and Oliver pride […]

Introducing our October Dog Blogger: Gal’s Best Friend

Binky & Oliver are excited to announce our favorite dog blogger for the month of October: Gal’s Best Friend! As most dog owners are aware, there are bounds and bounds of influential dog accounts out there in the social media world that share product reviews. Part of Binky & Oliver’s mission is to provide nutritious […]

Barkers for Education: Mackenzie & Mackley

Summer is gone and fall is finally here! With the end of September rolling in, our barkers are hard at work to whip up some of your favorite holiday themed treats for the upcoming months! But our barkers aren’t the only ones working their tails off!  Human students are whipping together exciting projects this term, […]

The Faces Behind Binky and Oliver

Hello all! Now that Binky & Oliver has been live for a few weeks, I wanted to get personal and let all of you know, our valued customers, who the real humans are behind these kooky animated dogs! My name is Heidi, and this is my daughter Carolina. Caption: The mother and daughter who are […]

Hello world!

  Well here it is!  Our first photo of our first box at our first blog at Binky & Oliver!!!! Who said cartoon dogs couldn’t run a bakery for barkers?!   Our journey started when all of our furry friends were having trouble finding healthy options for their treats at pet stores anywhere!  That’s when […]