Introducing our October Dog Blogger: Gal’s Best Friend

Binky & Oliver are excited to announce our favorite dog blogger for the month of October: Gal’s Best Friend!

As most dog owners are aware, there are bounds and bounds of influential dog accounts out there in the social media world that share product reviews. Part of Binky & Oliver’s mission is to provide nutritious treats which does involve its fair about of research on our end but also, we wanted to connect with influencers that care about the same healthy dog lifestyle.

Gal’s Best Friend is a fun loving dog blog that was formed by three best friends whose friendship got closer over their love of dogs and turned into a popular blog about dog product shopping, lifestyle, care, DIY, company reviews and more! They also have five dogs that act as treat and product testers (as well being furry bundles of joy of course). We were instantly hooked to their blog! From the vibrant pictures of all things dog on the homepage alone, to the abundance of information in each category, we could see the passion and dedication they put towards dogs. Their blog is divided into four main categories:

  1. Lifestyle: these posts are all about the life of dogs, any interesting stories that are centered around dogs, as well as tips and educational articles about dog-related products.
  2. Shopping: exactly as the category says, this is all about dog related products – not just for your pup but also for you to benefit your pup! Who says being a #dogmom can’t happen without some style?
  3. DIY: these posts are just pawfectly adorable! From making DIY treats to DIY home remedies for a sick tummy, these posts are guaranteed to get your fingers itching to make something for your pup.
  4. Companies: these posts promote and bring awareness to other companies that help dogs and dog mom’s in some way whether it’s with a product or food item or more!

After seeing their blog, we knew immediately that we wanted to do some sort of collaboration with them!

Megan, Chelsea and Jessica who make up the Gals Best Friend blogger trio created an amazing plan for Binky and Oliver that included a great blog write up about our treats, a live Instagram unboxing and posts that promoted our website and offer.

We truly enjoyed the partnership, as it provided a great & real life look at how Binky & Oliver treats are part of a dog’s (& dog owners) life at home. In turn, it provided us a great organic opportunity to repost and share their content which, if you look at any of our social media accounts, we love sharing dog owner’s great pictures and videos!

If you want to check out their amazing write up about Binky & Oliver on the blog, simply click here.

Have a great day!