The Faces Behind Binky and Oliver

Hello all! Now that Binky & Oliver has been live for a few weeks, I wanted to get personal and let all of you know, our valued customers, who the real humans are behind these kooky animated dogs!

My name is Heidi, and this is my daughter Carolina.


Caption: The mother and daughter who are lucky to work with creative, eccentric cartoon dogs and a team of creative whizzes to bring forward Binky & Oliver: Bakery for Barkers!

It began with a question…

One evening at home with my daughter Carolina, I started thinking of the benefits of consuming organically grown food. And naturally, as a lover of dogs, I began to wonder about dogs and their treats! That’s when the question hit me: What if dogs had the same option of organic foods like the rest of us? So I decided to research it. Slowly but surely, the idea for Binky & Oliver was born

The birth of Binky & Oliver

I knew starting my own business would be an exciting and challenging time in this popular niche with the powerhouse competition that exists in the pet subscription industry. But I had a desire and drive to provide the best quality, healthy and organic treats for our furry friends! Coupled with my longstanding entrepreneurial experience having started my own business at 19 years old, I knew that all of these qualities combined would help me persevere in starting Binky and Oliver.

Then, the last stamp of approval: my daughter Carolina’s. She loved it! She was at an age where, aside from starting a business that delivers cute organic treats to dogs she could learn business concepts that would be valuable to her for years to come.

Carolina took on the creative director role in Binky & Oliver, acting as my sounding board for the conceptive design of our cartoon dogs, as well as providing input for product! Thanks to her, we were able to create the stories behind Binky & Oliver and even create videos to show more about the human face of the company.

The two of us began brainstorming what would be the names of our business’ pup faces. Ironically enough, Carolina suggested ‘Binky & Oliver,’ the names of two cats we adopted and loved dearly but had to find new forever homes for due to allergies. We were heartbroken. But this was our second chance to honour our beloved pets. And so Binky & Oliver were handed down these names! They sounded more suited for dogs than cats anyway!

From there, these creative and eccentric pups started to develop personalities almost all their own! We came up with fun ideas based on personalities from dogs in real life until they evolved into the full-fledged Barkers you know and love today!

Binky and Oliver

Down to Business

But coming up with our cartoon mascots, names and character stories was the easy part…it was time to get down to business. We did research on mainstream dog treat brands and found that the fillers and unhealthy ingredients that are commonly found in some store bought treats did not contribute to the health and long term wellness of dogs. As the ideas for the business began to form, there was one thing that remained true from the beginning: We wanted these treats to be freshly baked and made by hand. We wanted to make sure that we had a more personal role in the process, something that isn’t often found in major stores.

Through countless trials and errors, we went through dozens of small bakeries; ingredient combinations and product development to acquire the look and taste of the Binky & Oliver treats you receive in the mail every month. They had to not only look cute, but also taste good for pups across the globe. They had to supply enough nutritional value in each treat that would set Binky & Oliver apart as truly organic. Finally, when we found the right formula of all these things, we were ready to start packaging and shipping!

The Journey

It was a long but fruitful journey. We had to search the market for similar products, predict trends and continue learning and adapting our business so that it can best serve furry friends (and their parents) worldwide.

Early on, we did a test by sending out cute decorated treats, and although we used organic ingredients, there was a discouraging response from the fact that there was too much icing and that the decorations took away from the actual taste of the treats. We took this experience to heart and created the product line that includes the high-quality ingredients that we use today.

We still include at least one decorated treat in each design, but make sure that it is with the healthiest ingredients that we can find so that we can live up to our brand. This is the ‘special treat’ of the box – everyone deserves a treat!

We are so excited to introduce our bakery for barkers, and to bring these treats to doghouses everywhere! We welcome anyone that wants to join us on this fantastic journey to healthier and happier dogs. We hope you will join our pack one day!

Have a great day!